Philippines interested in cooperating with Mozambique in Hydrocarbons


(2015-05-25) The deputy minister of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, Jesus Yabe, said on Monday in Maputo that his country wants to maintain economic relations with Mozambique, pointing out the sectors of hydrocarbons and agriculture as a common interest.

Yabe expressed the will of the two countries to cooperate in the economic field after a meeting with the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and Philippines, Jesus Yabe.

“We are also interested in cooperation in Agriculture, Education and Economy,” the Philippine deputy minister told reporters after indicating that the two countries have maintained diplomatic ties.

In turn, Nyeleti Mondlane highlighted the common interest in bilateral cooperation in the economic field, enhancing the interaction that Mozambique and the Philippines have established in the diplomatic area since 1991.

“The Filipinos have proposed that we exchange trade delegations, to establish the foundations to cooperate at Industry and Trade levels, Agriculture and the Hydrocarbon sector,” said the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Mozambique.

The number of countries interested in maintaining economic relations with Mozambique has been increasing exponentially in recent years, attracted by the energy potential of the country, with the discovery of huge reserves of gas and coal.

Source: Lusa

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