The five tolls of the 72 km-long Maputo Ring Road

toll gate maputo

(2015-05-11) The Maputo Ring Road, now scheduled to open in December, will have five tolls distributed over its 72 kilometres. The Maputo Ring Road, now scheduled to open in December, will have five tolls distributed over its 72 kilometres. Where will these tolls be located and what will the alternatives be for those drivers unwilling to pay are the questions ahead for Maputo-Sul.

Four out of the five planned tolls will be placed along the Ring Road. The fifth toll will be installed on the bridge over the Incomati river, which gives access to the Macaneta beach in the Marracuene district. “The existence of tolls means, above all, that we will ensure the maintenance and good quality of services to road users. We must ensure, for example that traffic jams are not exaggerated,” Paulo Fumane, PCA of the Maputo-Sul company told ‘O País’.

According to Fumane, negotiations are still underway to define the places where the four tolls are to be installed, but he confirmed that they will not be placed in neighboring locations.

The negotiations held to decide on the tolls’ location will involve CTA (Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations), passenger transportation companies and carriers associations. “The main thing to consider is the origin and the destination of people on the road. Another aspect to take into consideration is the distances travelled. We cannot place a toll here and, less than two kilometres away, place another one,” explained Fumane.

Speaking to ‘O País’, Fumane also ensured that conditions will be created so that motorists who do not wish or are unable to use tolls have alternative routes. “We are attentively studying the options available and will place the tolls in situations where the user will be able to decide whether to pay and pass through the ring road or not pay and go through another road.”

Initially, the Maputo Ring Road was planned to start operating in December 2014 but this deadline has been exceeded due to problems related to the resettlement of families who inhabited the site of the construction.

The project, with an estimated cost of about 315 million meticais, includes the construction of a road of 72 kilometres that will create a new North / South axis (between the Miramar Beach and the village of Marracuene). The Ring Road will have six bridges and three varied road junctions that will allow traffic to flow from the National Highway Number One in the Zimpeto-Marracuene section.

O País / Folha de Maputo

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