Illegal Portuguese workers at ‘Teixeira Duarte’ were visitors – company representative

Teixeira Duarte

(2015-04-29) The Portuguese identified as illegal at the Teixeira Duarte construction site in Maputo were not present at the time of inspection of the Mozambican authorities and are only recorded as visitors, a source for the construction company in Mozambique told Lusa.

Of the 16 foreigners declared illegal by the Mozambican General Inspection of Labour (IGT), “four or five are Portuguese” and all were registered as “visitors” of the Teixeira Duarte construction site for the Bank of Mozambique in Maputo, said a representative of the construction company, who asked not to be identified, citing a confidentiality agreement with the client.

The same source assured Lusa that the inspection did not detect any irregularity at Teixeira Duarte and that all the irregular situations were related to subsidiaries which “were notified about some people’s situations as being illegal.”

According to the representative of the construction company in Mozambique, all people who access the company’s construction site are registered, whether workers or visitors, and out of the 16 mentioned by IGT as illegal, 12 were not present, including the Portuguese citizens.

The ‘Teixeira Duarte’, he said, requires from all its subsidiaries the regularisation of all employees, “but it is not part of its responsibilities to supervise them,” urging companies to normalise the situation in case there is a contractual bond with the employees in an illegal situation.

A group of 16 foreign workers, mostly Portuguese and South Africans, were suspended from activities for being considered to be in an illegal situation at a building site of the construction company ‘Teixeira Duarte’ in Maputo, IGT told Lusa yesterday.

“The Inspection of Labour at the level of the City of Maputo suspended, with immediate effect, a total of 16 foreigners, mostly of Portuguese and South African nationalities, employed by the construction company ‘Teixeira Duarte-Mozambique’, who were working illegally at the site, building the new premises of the Bank of Mozambique, in Avenida 25 de Setembro, downtown Maputo,” said a statement from the entity.

Contacted by Lusa, IGT did not specify how many of those workers have Portuguese nationality.

The statement said that the activity of workers on the site has been suspended with immediate effect and that the company will be sanctioned.

“The workers in question were surprised by subcontractors of Teixeira Duarte, namely the ‘Consórcio Improvair Soclima’, the ‘JFS Forjadora’ and ‘Perplan’” according to IGT, which will forward the case to the National Service of Migration “for the subsequent steps, more particularly with the objective of their repatriation.”

The inspection also reported that three other workers were found in an illegal situation and sanctioned, although their capacity as members of the management structure avoided the suspension of activities and may also rectify the situation.

“In recent months, IGT has been dismantling networks of illegal hiring and employment of foreign labour,” the statement points out, adding that “many of the contractors of illegal expatriate workers were fined for being repeat offenders on the matter while others were warned to, within the time allowed by the inspection brigades, correct the detected irregularities and that, if they are caught again in the same situation, they will be punished according to the law.”

source: Lusa

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