Sasol suspends Mozambique project over xenophobia fears


(2015-04-17) Mozambique has begun to feel the repercussions of South Africa’s wave of xenophobic violence after a contract with South African energy company Sasol was suspended due to fear of reciprocal violence, reports South African news site Business Day Live.

“Sasol spokesman Alex Anderson emphasised on Thursday that the energy giant’s core operations in Mozambique were continuing but the low-pressure compression project being run by contracted service providers had been halted”, reports the news agency.

Around 200 South Africans have now abandoned the Sasol facilities at Pande-Temane in Inhamane, reports Folha de Maputo today. This comes after xenophobic violence has spread in South Africa from Durban townships to Johannesburg and Benoni on the East Rand.

“We are taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all personnel and will continue to facilitate engagement with all parties involved and the relevant authorities to work towards an amicable solution,” Mr Anderson said, as quoted by Business Day Live. The project aims at developing a compressor to maintain the pressure needed to pump gas from underground fields to the rest of Mozambique and SA. Mr Anderson said Mozambicans close to the project were concerned about the presence of South African employees of service providers on the project.


So far, there has been no reported violence against any South African worker in Mozambique, reports IOL News. “All South Africans working in Mozambique have work permits etc… So they are known to the government in Maputo,” said a senior manager working for Kentz, as quoted by IOL.


Source:  IOL News


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